What is Non-Monogamy or what does non-monogamous mean are typical questions of people who are unfamiliar with the topic. So this page will provide answers to these and other questions about Non-Monogamy.

What is Non-Monogamy?

Non-Monogamy means having sexual encounters or relationships with several partners. Love can also be involved, but it does not have to be.

What forms of Non-Monogamy are there?

“Classic” non-monogamy = cheating

Non-Monogamy exists in the “classic” form of cheating, which is usually seen as morally unacceptable but is nevertheless often practiced in officially monogamous cultures and relationships.

Ethical Non-Monogamy

The term Non-Monogamy, however, was actually invented to describe forms of life and relationships that were from the start conceived as non-monogamous. In order to clearly differentiate this from cheating, the term ethical Non-Monogamy has been in use for some years now.

One speaks of ethical Non-Monogamy because here the Non-Monogamy is lived openly and honestly, instead of secretly and mendaciously. It means that people, even if they are in a lasting relationship with someone, may also have sexual encounters or relationships with others. Love can play a role but does not have to be involved. This is an open and honest setup, which means that all partners know that you live like this and agree with it.

Known forms of ethical non-monogamy

  1. the open relationship/open marriage, and
  2. Swinging, and
  3. Polyamory, about which you can find out more in the section What is Polyamory? For the curious and beginners with its various sub-pages as well as in the numerous articles on Polyamory published on the Blog.

Whether Polygamy is considered ethically acceptable often depends on what one knows about it. In western countries, there are many prejudices about polygamy, mostly based on ignorance. Follow this link if you´d like to find more and above all prejudice-free information about Polygamy.

More information about Polyamory

In the section "What is Polyamory" you will find information what Polyamory is, how Polyamory works, where you can meet other polyamorous people, as well as other topics, for example (all coming soon, translation is in progress; please have patience, I´m only one person doing all this besides my main job):

  • Prejudices about Polyamory describes common prejudices about Polyamory and presents you with the scientifically documented reality
  • Polyamory Events and Meetings
  • Polyamory dating websites
  • Polyamory Science with results from research about Polyamory

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