Polyamory in international media November 2017

This is the monthly summary of the coverage of polyamory in international media November 2017. 

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“Media” here refers to mass media; personal blogs with a small reach are excluded because this series is about how the general public is informed about polyamory. Such a summary is also available for German Media as Polyamory Magazine is made in Berlin, Germany. The importance of such a summary is explained here Why the representation of Polyamory in the Media is important.

The articles are grouped by country, and then in chronological order. If there are several articles on the same subject, e.g. a movie, they will be grouped together.

At present, this summary contains articles in English, thereby already covering a large part of international reporting on Polyamory. Polyamory is so far particularly popular in English-speaking parts of the world: USA, Canada, Great Britain, Australia. Recently, reports in English about polyamory have been published in English language media from Africa and India.

If you know of reports in other languages, you can send them to me if you can give a short summary in German or English. You can also write about it here as a guest author. You can also refer me to other articles that I didn’t mention by posting a comment below this article or via the email contact form.

Polyamory in international media November 2017



  • It can be described as sensational that a female author from India has written an erotic novel about polyamory, which was reported here on November 22nd: Polyamory novel Guilt Pass froms India.


New Zealand

South Africa

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This was the monthly summary of the coverage of polyamory in international media. Is anything missing? Please feel free to send me information either as a comment below the article or notify me via the email contact form.


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  • Prejudices about Polyamory describes common prejudices about Polyamory and presents you with the scientifically documented reality
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