8. August 2018

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Polyamory Magazine about itself
14. December 2017 0
A recent warning notice by a lawyer against Polyamory Magazine has inspired me to rethink whether I can achieve what I want with Polyamory Magazine: to promote acceptance of Polyamory among the general public. I can’t achieve ==>
Critical articles about Polyamory

Religion-based biased criticism of Polyamory

6. December 2017 0
An example of religion-based biased criticism of Polyamory can be found in an article in the National Review linked below. This is not surprising, as the National Review is a conservative medium. But I think ==>

Polyamory in international media November 2017

4. December 2017 0
This is the monthly summary of the coverage of polyamory in international media November 2017.  Polyamory in international media November 2017 Australia On November 4th there was a Professor Marston movie review. Also on November ==>

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Polyamory is genetically predisposed? German research project

Polyamory Science
8. May 2017 1
A German scientist wants to explore whether Polyamory is genetically predisposed. In the context of a master thesis for the faculty “Psychology and Cognitive Neurosciences” at the Ruhr-University Bochum Julien Wessels wants to investigate whether ==>
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Polyamorous behaviors will make your monogamous relation better

Polyamory Science
18. February 2013 0
In an article about Polyamory as the new sexual revolution, the Scientific American suggests that polyamorous behaviors will make your monogamous relation better. Communication about feelings as enrichment The polyamorous behaviors worth adopting begin with ==>
Polyamory Science

Research shows growing interest in Polyamory

6. November 2017 0
Research shows growing interest in polyamory, as reported by Health24 from South Africa on November 5th. Study evaluates Google trends for ten years Dr. Amy Moors, head of social science research and evaluation for the ==>
Polyamory Science

Non-monogamy is as good as monogamy research suggests

14. November 2017 0
According to research, non-monogamy is as good as monogamy in terms of the quality of relationships. Samantha Joel, Assistant Professor in the Psychology Department at the University of Utah, reports on November 13th 2017. Thinking about ==>