23. April 2018

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Polyamory Magazine about itself
14. December 2017 0
A recent warning notice by a lawyer against Polyamory Magazine has inspired me to rethink whether I can achieve what I want with Polyamory Magazine: to promote acceptance of Polyamory among the general public. I can’t achieve ==>
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Religion-based biased criticism of Polyamory

Critical articles about Polyamory
6. December 2017 0
An example of religion-based biased criticism of Polyamory can be found in an article in the National Review linked below. This is not surprising, as the National Review is a conservative medium. But I think ==>

Polyamory in international media November 2017

4. December 2017 0
This is the monthly summary of the coverage of polyamory in international media November 2017.  Polyamory in international media November 2017 Australia On November 4th there was a Professor Marston movie review. Also on November ==>
Polyamory Lifestyle

Silicon Valley and Polyamory

3. December 2017 0
The article about Silicon Valley and Polyamory in the Times from 03rd of December 2017 begins with the description of an orgy. Afterwards, however, it is a factually correct overview of polyamory in general and especially ==>

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Polyamory Science

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Some people don´t feel jealousy – sort of

Polyamory Science
13. November 2017 0
Yes, some people don’t feel jealousy, at least they report it, as Elisabeth Sheff writes in an article on her blog at Psychology Today. Or maybe some jealousy? When it comes to jealousy, people’s experiences ==>
Polyamory Science

What kind of people have non-monogamous relationships?

29. November 2017 0
Have you ever wondered what kind of people have non-monogamous relationships? Science has some answers, as Justin Lehmiller reported on November 29,2017. Who are these polyamorous people? Some facts · Gender: Most studies have found that men ==>
Polyamory Science

Results of the Poly-Gen-Project

27. September 2017 0
The results of the Poly-Gen-Project have been published. Some time ago, Polyamory Magazine reported on the Poly-Gene Project. Julien Wessels has now published the results. Is Polyamory genetically predisposed? The project was unable to answer this ==>