26. May 2017

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Building the Polyamory Movement

Opinion articles on Polyamory
26. May 2017 0
What is the state of the polyamory movement today, and what’s its future? With these things in mind, what should we be doing? I gave a speech about this at the Rocky Mountain Poly Living ==>
Picture of radio accompanying artice Polyamory on Eldoradio featuring a triad

Polyamory on Eldoradio featuring a triad

Polyamory on the Radio
18. May 2017 0
Wednesday last was a day of Polyamory on Eldoradio featuring a triad and Viktor Leberecht, the maker of Polyamory Magazine. A triad consisting of a woman and two men in their early twenties was interviewed. You ==>
Polyamory Science

Polyamory is genetically predisposed? German research project

8. May 2017 0
A German scientist wants to explore whether Polyamory is genetically predisposed. In the context of a master thesis for the faculty “Psychology and Cognitive Neurosciences” at the Ruhr-University Bochum Julien Wessels wants to investigate whether ==>

Polyamory in the Media, Suggestions how to do it better

24. April 2017 0
The Polytreff-Rhine-Neckar has published a criticism and suggestions to journalists how to better represent polyamory in the media. The distortions and sensationalizations, described in this article, of course, have been a constant concern to me ==>

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